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Why to go with a Uniform Designer/Stylist

:VISIONARY- having the eye to walk into your Store,

Property or Institution and create a

Collection based on your colours, brand

and ambiance, whether Stock, Modify

Design or Custom Design Uniforms.

:FUNCTIONALITY- know the precise use of each

Garment with the level of Job

Performance, so they go hand

in hand with comfort and


:FABRICS- fabric durability is key, if you want your

Fabric to breath, stretch, not shrink, fade

or even stain resistant. Even knowing how

to blend fabrics to together and keep their


:PERFECT FIT- size is so important when ordering for

your Staff. Sizing scale differs per

each Company, there is no standard

anymore. It is imperative that your

Staff are measured per fit not size.

Garments silhouette the body. If

someone is between sizes, go up a

size and alter to their shape.

:INSTALLING & ALTERING- Optional yet suggested.

Installing and altering the


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